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I pick up new tools and skills pretty quickly and am always learning something new.

DevOps and SRE

Amazon Web Services Ansible Cloudflare Datadog Docker Jenkins Terraform

Full Stack Web Development

HTML CSS Sass JavaScript npm, Webpack, Babel Tyepscript Vue, Vuex React, Redux, JSX ThreeJS NodeJS Electron MongoDB MySQL Postgres

Game Development

Flash JavaScript Unity

Remote Team Services

Basecamp Bitbucket Confluence Discord Dropbox GitHub GSuite JIRA Trello Slack

Dev Tools

IntelliJ IDEA VS Studio Code WebStorm XCode

Media Creation

Adobe Creative Cloud Photoshop Illustrator After Effects Animator Sketch

Technical Consultancy

Advice from a Trusted Partner

The modern web moves very fast and it can be hard to keep up, especially when you have a business to run. Is your website up? Is your web app secure? How does it look on mobile devices? Can you automate any processes? What about compliance?

We have over 20 years experience innovating with web technologies. Let us be your guide. We'll help you choose the right technologies to achieve your business goals. Our system designs and automation tools take advantage of modern cloud services. We architect robust and secure web apps that automatically scale to meet demand.

Let us be your guide
Software Development

Software Development

Modern Web Application Development on Cloud Services.

Cloud services like AWS have fundamentally changed how we design and build web apps. Modern applications are assembled from loosely coupled services; each hosted, routed and managed in it’s own way. New services, frameworks and architectures appear all the time.

We have over 5 years of experience running AWS services in production. We'll help you navigate all the options to find the best solution for your business. All of our back-end apps leverage the power of AWS to deliver secure, scaleable and fault tolerant APIs and services. Our front-end apps use modern reactive frameworks and tooling to deliver optimised builds with minimal load times.

Let's build it!
Managed Services

Managed Services

Hosting, Monitoring and Remediation

Your web apps might run 24/7 but you definitely can’t. How can you be sure all the services in your web app are up and running smoothly?

We build monitoring and health checks into all our systems. We also offer ongoing hosting and maintenance services for any systems we specify and build.

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